Saturday, March 5, 2016

good time wasted

Instead of worrying about what is not there, or wishing for what lies so near and yet so far, why not enjoy the good time right now? Here's how it is worded in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake: "...had not wishing oftebeen but good time wasted..." (page 75). Lohbado read this practical maxim over breakfast, a reminder to enjoy the day, with all its challenges and delights.

The passage begins with the image of a lion in captivity remembering what it was like to be free. There are references to prisons, for example, the prison of Mountjoy mentioned in the Ballad of Perrse O'Reilly. The dreamer is aware of danger, "watchful treachers at his wake". Jealous schemers, malicious gossip, the oppressive history of having been colonized by the English and the peculiar sexual obsessions of the church are recurring themes throughout the book, a kind of Book of Kells, narrative threads and themes weaving in and out to form a textual monument or encyclopedic, visionary world of conflict, tension, fun and games. In spite of a tumultuous past the dream hero HCE, the kind of character who enjoys wine, women and song, would like nothing better right now then a couple boiled eggs. "...kunt ye neat gift mey toe bout a peer saft eyballds!..." page 75. Could somebody give the dreamer a couple of "Ham's cribcracking yeggs..." page 76.

Good time wasted reminded Lohbado to have fun, let go of regrets. Acknowledge confusion. One could learn from mistakes, then move on. Don't block out the present with fixation on the future. Lohbado sipped a cup of coffee then went for a walk to enjoy the bright sunny cold morning, the first week of March.

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