Wednesday, March 2, 2016

one and two Lohbadohs

The game of one and many, whole and parts, universals and particulars or general ideas and specific situations goes back thousands of years. Lohbado went through the process of examining himself during long periods of solitude in winter. It's a luxury to have time to relax and contemplate the situation. While working as a PBE (Push Button Expert) for the DR (Department of Regulation) Lohbado was too busy to stop and have a look. After retiring, he realized he might never again have the opportunity to contemplate what may or may not be happening. One could die any time.

Just as his youth came to an end and as he passed through the corridors of middle age into a time of arthritis, decay and various other physical and mental changes too tedious to mention, so his entire life would come to an end and be forgotten. This is not a problem. It's part of nature. A bright way to view the situation is to connect with infinite nature. Nature is much vaster than the duration of one life span. One's lifespan is an expression of infinite nature. However, if one is attached to one's finite self, that does complicate matters, creating a lot of hope and fear, chronic depression, anxiety, mania and a host of other mental events.

The process began as Lohbado in examining himself appeared to be two Lohbadohs. However, he was only able to notice this by standing outside two Lohbadohs, in other words, as a third Lohbado. The three Lohbadohs, comprising an onlooker of Lohbado examining Lohbadoh, required a fourth Lohbado to observe the three Lohbadohs. This continued to infinity, Lohbado watching Lohbado watching Lohbado..... oooooooooooohhhhh cha cha cha cha!!!! ah ah ha ha ha aah chooo choo choo....

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