Friday, February 19, 2016

lohba vlog 11 what is going on

Lohbado woke up and wondered what is going on. He went to Parc Dante and walked to Rue Saint Hubert and along Bellechasse. Lohbado woke at 4 AM, snow ploughs roaring and rumbling as they cleared the snow. Montreal has an efficient snow removal system. It's impressive to watch the ploughs, snow blowers and huge trucks at work.

Lohbado's head hurt, maybe changing air pressure. Take headache pills. It's fun to wake up early sometimes... might as well make a virtue of necessity. Get up 4 AM, have breakfast. Later go for a walk. With age, sleep often becomes a struggle with aching joints, nausea and overall pain. That's how it is. Don't grumble. In a way it's funny to witness decay and decomposition. Lohbado won't be alive to watch his body rot, but he can watch how it falls apart from age. Actually, he would like to be cremated... or left in a field for animals and birds to consume. Let the bones dry out in the sun and crumble to dust. Toss the corpse in a field. It's funny to try and imagine his body a corpse. The imagination could become vivid when sleep becomes difficult. Instead of dreaming in bed, one dreams throughout the day. It's no big deal.

Nothing to write home about. Ho hum. You're alone. Lohbado spends most of his time alone, very funny. No blame. That's how it is. Blame personality. Blame this, blame that... so much blame makes no difference. It only made Lohbado feel bad. No point feeling bad. Nobody benefits when somebody feels bad. When things don't turn out according to plan, well.... if it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. Do the best you can. Avoid people who feel the need to remind you of your suffering. Everybody suffering to some degree. The need to criticize... part of the mind criticizes constantly this person and that person, grumbling about the human condition. Wouldn't it be nice to simply not exist. Be patient. Eventually the body will be a corpse... it happens to everyone, no big deal. It seems like a big deal to be alive, but really... take a walk in the graveyard. That will put things in perspective... one's status as a grain of sand on a beach filled with billions of grains of sand.

Meanwhile, one exists, so might as well enjoy it. Lohbado's grandmother Aida Stumps used to tell Peter Stumps to embrace the situation. Make the most of your life. Walk around. Enjoy sights and sounds. If you're able to do this, eventually you will be drawn into the world. It becomes a magical temple of sensuality and imagination. It might not solve a lot of problems, but at least one could smile and keep going.

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