Thursday, February 25, 2016

Moronovian Strawberry Cake Method

eat some cake
a couple eggs can't hurt

the streets are covered in ice and puddles

The Moronovian Method begins the moment the person wakes up. The trick is to not think too much. Eat breakfast. Go for a walk. It's a good idea to wear rubber boots, or carry a small rubber raft to use when crossing large puddles. As Lohbado walked slowly, dark clouds began to dissolve from his mind. Children splashed about, laughing and squealing with delight as they went from the house to the van. They were having a great time in the puddles and in the rain. Crows cackling away in dark wet branches suggested it was a great day to have fun.

Lohbado is learning the Mornonovian Method at the Club Morono Tabernacle. It's quite simple. One begins with a sense of malaise, heartache, sorrow and pain. One wonders what is going on. Is life simply a matter of surviving in order to endure pointless suffering? These are unanswerable questions. After a little investigation, one reaches a dead end, or the mind blanks out for an instant before more chatter takes over and the mind gets swept into a new stream of consciousness. The trick is to not let it destroy you. How to stay sane and avoid sinking into permanent depression and anxiety, that's the question.

The Moronovian Method is to embrace the situation. Open your heart and mind to the world of the senses. Stop thinking about yourself long enough to notice what's going on. A good way to pay attention to details is to play with images or texts. Observe carefully. Take a photo. Make a video. Write down your feelings and observations. Soon one gets swept into the larger picture. The world is must vaster and more profound than appears at a glance. In fact, the world is infinite. Existence is beyond whatever one might say about it. One could write poems, compose music, sing and dance in attempt to express the sense of the infinite vibrant luminous nature of being, but ultimately, it's inexpressible. It could be evoked, suggested, worshipped, supplicated, praised, celebrated. Before you know it, the mind begins to lighten up. One's heart feels a little lighter. In this way, one could make it through another day and night.

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