Monday, February 15, 2016

Fool's Paradise

sorrow and pain

nurturing lamp

hierarchy of hope and fear
As the weather intensifies, extreme cold, then suddenly warm weather with heavy rain, sleet, ice then ice cold again... it has an effect on body and mind. Any living organism recoils when overwhelmed with unpleasant stimulation. When you poke a worm with a stick, it curls up. Add intellect to the recipe and you have the human condition. Sometimes Lohbado yearned for the bliss that comes with ignorance. Isn't there a way to block out or ignore the troubles of the world? Couldn't one just find a safe place, some stability, where things will stay the same, a place without challenges or change? Ok, that's called Fool's Paradise. Breughel did a painting about it. To reach Fool's Paradise or Cockaigne, one must eat a tunnel through a mountain of porridge. One arrives in paradise, where arms are not necessary. Just lie on your back and cakes will fly into your mouth.

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