Sunday, February 21, 2016

over ripe banana composition

Bananas have a distinctive smell and could be quite soft and squishy, depending on degree of ripeness. The distinct black and yellow patterns of the banana peels is what first caught Lohbado's attention. A group of over-ripe bananas on the table was quite impressive. Lohbado spent hours looking at things, as a relief for a mind that tended to get swept away in anxious thoughts or disturbing memories. To appreciate a mundane object requires a letting go of preconceived notions in order to see the beauty. At a first glance, someone might say: bananas... why are you taking pictures of bananas? They're boring...

That question is best left unanswered. The mind is either open to having fun or it's not. Lohbado when younger used to try to explain what he was doing, but it mostly turned out to be wasted effort. Once a person has an opinion, there's no point continuing the discussion. You could explain for hours and it would make no difference. If a person thinks taking pictures of fruit is dumb, then to that person it will be dumb. However, Lohbado refused to allow lack of imagination or strong opinions to interfere with his exploration of appearances.

If you give yourself permission to explore the world of the senses, the world could become warmer and more vibrant, or at least, it becomes endlessly fascinating. Each perception becomes like a doorway leading to further perceptions in an infinite labyrinth of interdependent sense instants. If you divide things up into good and bad, this and that, then it kills the fun and could become quite bleak, oppressive and claustrophobic. If your mind is open to enjoy what's there, a simple bunch of over ripe bananas on the table could be delightful. To become more aware of what the senses are experiencing could enrich a person's mind. Lohbado found that he could be feeling depressed and anxious. After going for a walk, or taking a picture of whatever is in the fridge or kitchen, or anywhere for that manner, forces his attention away from himself and towards what's going on in the world. It might seem silly to take a photo of an apple or a potato. The moment you start taking pictures, then you realize a lot is involved, for example, composition, lighting, camera settings. The experience could be as meaningful or playful as you allow it to be.

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