Tuesday, June 27, 2017

freedom and necessity

While the horsie tried to make sense of the sign, Lohbado raised his glass and drank a toast to the beautiful evening. That's the simple explanation. In a waiting room at the procedure clinic Lohbado read about determinism, freewill and morality. Will the horse, as a free agent, make the right decision and obey the sign or will biological necessity take over? That depends on the nature of "intelligible" reality, which Kant invoked as support for the concept of free will, hence, the ability to make a moral decision. The intelligible is supposed to exist in a realm that transcends the senses. It's pure reason with a practical twist. It isn't affected by nature and yet makes decisions related to creatures of nature, the old intellect/biology routine. If one acts according to nature as opposed to a reason which transcends the world of the senses, is one truly free? Determinism suggests one acts according to one's nature. One is a physical being, with a mind, in a material world.

The doctor injected cortisone into Lohbado's left shoulder so Lohbado will experience less pain when reading heavy books.

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