Monday, June 5, 2017

to make a decision

Dr. Dhoo, chair of philosophy at Lumpkins University in Yamaville led a discussion years ago which Lohbado never forgot: how to make a decision. He walked away feeling that if in doubt do nothing or do something. To do nothing, one could let things unfold. Let destiny or momentum take charge. To do something, flip a coin. If you can't decide, chances are it doesn't make too much difference whether you choose A or B. Each will have consequences. A decision leads in A direction. B goes B all the way up to P and Q, or to Z then back to A again.

A person could consult oracles, dreams, look for signs, try to decipher hidden messages in the flight pattern of birds or in the rhythm of pavement smashers at road construction sites. One could gaze into a glass of beer, a cup of coffee or swill a glass of wine. One could go to the gypsy to have one's fortune told.

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