Friday, April 3, 2015

blood and fire

oogah blood
burning tire
Happy Babyjeezusbuddalucifer, today is a religious holiday. It commemorates the day when Jesus was crucified to pay for sin. Jesus offered himself as a human sacrifice. It goes back to the original sin committed in The Garden of Eden, when God got super angry and punished humanity forever.

Many businesses and services, including public libraries, are closed. Blood and fire are essential in any religious tradition, from the ancient human sacrifices of the Druids, animal sacrifices described in The Old Testament, right up to the destruction of countries and crimes against humanity in the name of democracy and freedom. Lust for destruction runs deep in human consciousness. Fortunately, there's also love of beauty, truth and wisdom. May positive human impulses prevail! May generosity, patience, understanding, compassion, intelligence and cheerfulness be present during this Good Friday.

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