Friday, April 24, 2015


Often Lohbado woke sweating in the night, skin burning, itchy from head to foot. He couldn’t bear the thought of another instant of tossing and turning, fever and chills, sweating one moment, shivering the next, anxious, restless, claustrophobic.

    Trying to run away or avoid problems won’t do any good. Even if you ran across the plains and into an old abandoned farmhouse and tried to lock yourself upstairs in a room and barricaded the door you would not be safe from the demons. The demons are none other than the demons lurking in your mind. The demons entered your mind when you got careless, when you weren’t paying attention, when you became drowsy or distracted.

    When you toss and turn in torment and confusion an antidote is to get up, go the temple, supplicate Oogah and Oorsis, relax and contemplate existence. If you devote yourself to wisdom in the temple, the deities in your mind will protect you. You will never be hungry or without shelter. You will always find peace and quiet.

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