Thursday, April 9, 2015

mind stream

Close your eyes a moment. See the honeycomb pattern of your brain... corridors, many hexagonal chambers filled with sweet, sticky, golden bliss and the soothing buzz of pleasure bees. Inhale spicy aroma stirred up by the fanning of bee wings. A fine golden bee stinger dust opened passageways in the throat, nose, lungs and spread waves of healing relaxation throughout the body.

    Look into the template in your mind’s eye, a repeating-patterned labyrinth. Endless little dramas occur among people going in and out of the little chambers, swept along in waves of biofeedback, pleasant mental association, blissful stream of consciousness.

Lohbado sighed and looked out the window. The suffering evangelist attached to his dream and illusions about being able to change things, or to make a difference, about all he could do was change his socks and underwear. Lohbado listened a while then tuned it out. He noticed the streams of thought roaring through his mind.

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