Saturday, April 25, 2015

Montreal signs from 2006

hat store, 2006
no dogs poster, Little Italy
rue Sainte Catherine

a random collection from Lohbado's image library
Lohbado has a library of street graphics. No need to buy a book, just walk around with a camera. Many of the signs have changed, or no longer exist because the business closed or signs were replaced. There's a beauty in signs, tags, graphic design. Each letter is a little art work, a symbol or signifier.

Lohbado also has a collection of old packages and labels. He peeled the label off the back of an old sketch pad. A sticky residue of glue indicated where the sticker had been, a darkened rectangle. Lohbado got lost in thought about sequence or time. Each instant occurs and maybe leaves a trace. It's the same thing with a human being. One goes from one moment to the next. How much do you notice or remember? What were you doing at this time yesterday, or last year?

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