Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lohbado and Jane

Lohbado and Jane
Sometimes Lohbado and Jane got on each others' nerves. There were a few times when Jane suggested they go separate ways. Why endure more bullshit? Why not just end it clean and simple. But then it's not easy finding a mate, even though the world population is over seven billion. That's a bit strange, so many people and so hard to find somebody. There's something in the human psyche, the faculty of criticizing others, endless fault-finding, afflictive consciousness. Sometimes negative thoughts are like water dripping endlessly. One feels bad then starts lashing out, judging or criticizing the closest person.

Jane and Lohbado loved each other in spite of intense moments. Lohbado appreciated Jane's intelligence and wisdom. Jane enjoyed Lohbado's sense of humour and imagination. Even after nine years, they continued together, the odd affair on the side, a few blow ups, but also many pleasant moments. Most importantly, it was wonderful that underneath it all they were good friends, kindred spirits. In spite of their differences, they understood each other. They offered each other kindness and encouragement.

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