Thursday, May 28, 2015


active passive
chaos structure
Anxiety intensifies from time to time. Many things could trigger it, physical aches and pains, an argument, someone makes an insulting remark, one has an accident and gets hurt or damages something. As summer begins and one opens the windows, noise could generate anxiety, lawn mowers, leaf and grass blowers, power tools, banging, hammering, car alarms, parties, sirens, people talking loud...

Sometimes an anxiety attack happens out of nowhere. Maybe it's biological, due to digestion, lack of sleep, air pressure, change in the weather... To deal with anxiety, Lohbado does Moronovian Art Therapy. One of his favourite art forms when stressed is ink on paper. Pick up a brush. The ink resembles blood. It flows nicely. The ink can be as thick or thin as you like. You can make broad freewheeling brush strokes, or fine lines with the pen. You can drip, throw, spray or puddle ink... It's a rich, tactile medium, very responsive. With a brush or pen in hand, the ink can record psychic impulses, nervous energy or anxiety. It's a way of fully experiencing what's going on in your state of mind. By paying attention to the sensations of anxiety, gradually it dissolves and one is left with art work. Some of it could be quite interesting.  Later, Lohbado heaved a sigh, went for a walk and enjoyed gazing into the evening sky.

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