Friday, May 29, 2015

that's it for this week

The Chief Nomroh and staff at the Moronovian Tabernacle wish you a pleasant weekend. What exactly is a week anyway, other than a unit of time? What is time? Time is not a thing; it's a dynamic, motion, sequence, common sense and not so common sense. Time could be a projection based on observation from the senses or some sort intellectual construction. Time is not a solid fixed thing. How can something in the process of change be once and for all defined, since even during the time spent trying to describe time, time flies? The world changed from the time Lohbado began trying to write about time to the time Lohbado got up and walked away.

Lohbado was having the time of his life until the wine bottle became empty. Imagine a self-filling bottle of wine. Ok, gotta have a glass of water and a baked potato to ponder the many theories of time. If you don't return your library books on time, you mostly likely would get an overdue fine. So yeah, time is common sense, but what is the nature of time?

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