Saturday, May 23, 2015

weekend pattern

a Lohbado relaxation pattern
Lohbado woke up early Saturday morning and rode his bike up the hill to a cafe that doesn't play background music. It's never busy in there first thing Saturday morning. He arrived half an hour before the cafe opened. He sat on a bench set back from the street and watched people waiting at the bus stop.

A drunken man in a baby blue shirt with navy blue stripes waltzed by on a diagonal trajectory, a smile on his face, still in the clouds. Then a bearded man, jet black hair, tall and thin looked friendly. A woman sat next to Lohbado on the bench and talked on a cell phone for five minutes and repeated over and over again how she kept asking a man what he was doing and he wouldn't reply, until she insisted. Then finally the man replied. She told the anecdote to her friend Louise on the cell phone about a dozen times.

An attractive young man who looked like he rolled out of bed and landed at the bus stop set down his pack, took out a fancy shirt and got dressed. He tied back his hair, set up an android device in an inner pocket of his blazer, put on the headphones and finally zipped up his pack which had been lying wide open on the sidewalk, its contents, wallet and all, on display. Once he was all dressed, he shouldered his pack and circumambulated a spindly ash tree until the bus arrived. He wore neat inexpensive shoes and walked with toes slightly turned in. He looked like he was aware of his charm, but was a bit disorganized.

The cafe opened. Lohbado ordered coffee and relaxed. Later he made a graphic pattern to relax during the lonely afternoon.

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