Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pont Champlain Montreal

View of Champlain Bridge renovation from a shuttle bus on the estacade, a small bridge next to the big bridge, Lohbado took these pictures as the shuttle bus drove him and four other cyclists from Brossard to Ilse des Soeurs. Lohbado got lost on Ilse des Soeurs for almost an hour. He asked a few people for advice. They knew how to get off the island in a motor vehicle, but not on the bicycle. Lohbado decided to avoid Champlain until the construction or repairs are complete. It can be extremely confusing and overwhelming when one goes for a long bike ride, the suddenly the trail ends, or one is unable to locate where the trail continues. The signage leaves a lot of be desired. Most often, there are no signs, at least, not for the cyclist. Lohbado had been on the bike for several hours when he arrived on Ilse des Soeurs. It was quite the challenge to find a way back to the island of Montreal.

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