Thursday, December 17, 2015

dream images

Ungava Bay Road near Kangirsuk, Nunavik

rusty metal
Often in a dream Lohbado wanders on the tundra, or down an arctic trail. The dreams are often made up of textures and colours, sensual sequences without a story line. Often the dream has no meaning. The stream of memories, colours and textures could be like waves of biofeedback, or like the vivid images that sometimes flow through mind while performing music or being close to somebody.

The images each have a story. Lohbado old and over the hill, early stages old, too old to start a romance with young people... it irritated him when people in denial of mortality informed him he was still young. Lohbado was glad to be old, over the hill, done with the worst of it.

That's how it goes, the image of a road across the tundra, a road across the plains, the long and tiresome journey of life. When young, the prospect of having to endure a lifetime is daunting. Things lighten up as one gets old. One mellows as one realizes one's body will soon be a corpse.

In the meanwhile, have fun. Spend the last part of your life trying to understand or not understand. Don't talk so much oooooo000000000000000ooooooooooo gggrrrraaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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