Saturday, December 19, 2015

short cake fantasy

polar bear short cake

peach butter

pickle juice
It all started when Lohbado discovered an old jar of pickles at the back of the fridge. Lohbado is very tall and thin. Constant bending to see what's on lower shelves creates lower back pain. To see what's in the back of the fridge, Lohbado had to bend over, which was a huge ordeal... aaaah haa! The pickle juice had turned creamy white. He also discovered an old pad of butter left behind a few years ago, from a previous tenant.

Lohbado sat down at the computer after taking a few photos. When he opened the Club Morono image library, he found images of mangos and short cake, plus a polar bear. His imagination put the various elements together. It works as an antidote to the grey, sombre tones of late autumn, as one braces for the onset of winter. To Lohbado, winter felt like a decent into the world of the dead, into the underworld.

Do whatever it takes to keep the mind from getting depressed. Lohbado found colourful vivid images had a soothing effect. The Chief Nomroh invited participants to worship the peach on a pad of butter in the pantry.

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