Sunday, October 11, 2015

painted story

from a Lohbado painted book

acrylic on paper
Lohbado painted on pages of old books to create a visual story, a sequence of images. The stories in Lohbado's books occur as images occurring within the infinite space of existence. The images are visual thinking, relationships, one thing leading to the next, solid and empty, inside and outside, here and there, before and after. The images evoke objects, memories. The images are shapes and lines referring to each other, to the past and to the future. Reading a book is similar to enjoying a performance of music. Musical sounds don't represent anything other than sounds, fast sounds, slow sounds, high sounds, low sounds, various rhythms, melodies, variations, harmonies, dissonance, polyphony, unison. Lohbado's painted books are visual compositions which unfold as one turns the page.

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