Thursday, October 1, 2015

book in the fire

Lohbado placed The Book of Oogah in the fire and let flames turn the pages. When asked to explain what he was doing, Lohbado said the answer is in the doing.

Lohbado treated video as a form of painting with moving images. Rather than do a painting of a still life, or a book in a fire, with a wine bottle, rope and sticks, he set the scene in motion, placed the camera on a tripod, composed the scene and hit the record button. There are no actors because Lohbado spends 99 % of his time alone. He goes for days without speaking a word to anyone. That's quite normal for the retired person. As you get old, you become considered increasingly irrelevant. Older people talk too slow. They don't move fast enough. They're boring. Avoid the old person. That's why most of the videos don't have actors, or only feature Lohbado. The people Lohbado asked to video record said no, for reasons of privacy. Fair enough. Do the best you can with what is available.

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