Wednesday, October 7, 2015

worldly concerns

It’s easy to be under an illusion that you’re somehow special. One could spend decades confused. Maybe one day the fog clears. One wakes up to realize one is no big deal. One is a regular human like everyone else. Maybe the awakening is too late. Maybe it’s no problem. Maybe it takes a lifetime to break up the illusions, to shatter the self-centred attitude. 

No need to feel bad or to become cynical or depressed. It’s quite refreshing to be relieved of the burden of illusion. One might then relax, without being sidetracked by superficial concerns of praise and blame, loss and gain, pleasure and pain, fame or disrepute. One could enjoy the act of being alive. Since there’s no punishment or reward, there’s no need to slink around in bitterness, jealous scheming and resentment, no need for hope and fear. The reasonable person lives in accordance with cause and effect, in harmony with others, without expectation and cultivates friendliness. One could heave a sigh of relief. Smile if you wish. It’s ok to be happy.
Lohbado didn’t write this to be moralistic. He wrote as an exercise in dissolving depression. It’s easy to feel bad. Maybe one has a biological disposition to doom and gloom. Maybe one is getting old and tired. It’s helpful to sometimes pause, take inventory of one’s mind and remind oneself of aspirations or ideas that could help one cheer up. It's especially helpful to contemplate how people were kind in the past. One depends on a network of services to obtain food, clothing and shelter. The existence of any infrastructure whatsoever is something to appreciate, give the amount of greed and aggression threatening nature and civilization. One is affected and has an effect on the environment.

Ok, enough rambling nonsense. On behalf of Lohbado, The Chief Nomroh and the Moronovian Panethon, Club Morono wishes you a nice day.

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